Friday, September 23, 2011

The first post...dum dum dum.

Well, I finally did it. The blog.

My main purpose in this is to share my stories about living a healthy lifestyle as a new found vegetarian and how I balance it with exercise and being in college (yikes). It won't be easy, but often times good things rarely are :). I hope to help others make decisions about healthy choices like some blogs did for me! (Especially this gal and this lady). I've looked at plenty of blogs and each one has given me a little more knowledge, a little more courage, and a little more desire to create my own site that can maybe do the same thing for someone else. It has definitely been a life changer and I can't wait to share my journey!

NOW. I can't wait to tell you about what finally kicked me in the butt to start this specific type of blog. It's actually 2:30 in the morning and I'm at home for the weekend to go to my cousin's wedding. So this is real stuff I'm spilling, guys. For the past two weeks, I've been starting a journey to being a vegetarian. I'd really like to go into detail about why, but it will have to wait for another post. My "home" home is in a small town in the south and that just isn't ideal for someone who is attempting to cut out meat.

On a side note, I am a junior in college and a month and a half ago I moved three and a half hours away from home to go to the University of Georgia.

 I still had not told anyone really about my decision to go veggie, because it is honestly soooo controversial here. Not eating meat is like..not drinking sweet tea. You just don't do it. (I have hated tea since birth by the way. gag)

I sort of told my parents about my decision the night before and they were surprisingly not that judgemental. I knew my mom wouldn't really care as long as I was staying healthy, and my dad just commented on how amazing his turkey melt smelled. (silly pops, that is cheese and bread that smells so good!) He may be a tough sell later on, but we shall see.

Anyhow, I was going out with my boy tonight and I chose a place that I knew would have options for me. (I researched menus which I highly recommend..not only can you make sure there is something you'll like, but if you're indecisive like me you won't make your fellow eaters angry :)). I went with the veggie trio where we were at and I made a segway into the topic of my vegetarianism.
Another side note, my boy has been mine for almost three years so it is hard for me to imagine keeping anything from him. It was highly important he understood and accepted my choice.

It ended up not going the greatest and I basically became defensive and he ended up very apologetic. (Not what you want) It went exactly how I feared it would. People who don't understand my purpose. They won't let me do what I desire because it's not the norm. I'm going to be an outcast.

In my defensiveness was born a desire to explain to as many people as I can the benefits of being veggie. The exciting adventures in the kitchen to create meatless dishes that are crazy satisfying. The health benefits of things that grow out of the ground versus cut off of an animal injected with hormones (I was shocked my how many!). Not only that, the animals. I feel so much better about my life knowing I'm not taking another's to eat. I wanted to show the GOOD parts of a healthy lifestyle. It's not only about no's about making good choices! The vegetarianism is only a piece of it.

Okay, take away the dramatics and I saw my boyfriend just didn't understand. He didn't mean to hurt my feelings and the next time I bring it up, I plan to be a lot more prepared. It isn't other people who are the problem with vegetarianism, it's me! I made it into this huge thing that separated me from others, but the people who love me will always love me. Meat or no meat. They may pick on me, sometimes it may hurt my feelings, and I may have trouble finding something to eat at my southern Thanksgiving, but my lifestyle change is for me! These small troubles hardly touch the greater positive outcome of my decision.

All I can do is live my life the way I desire. God put me on this earth to do things, and I want to do them in the healthiest way possible. Now that all this explaining is done, I can start sharing how I plan to be now fresh & FANTASTIC! Healthy recipes, stories, and pics are soon to come. :)

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