Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Three Years

Wow. All I can say is wow. Today marks the three year anniversary between me and my favorite person in the whole world, my boyfriend Carlton! It makes me feel all gushy inside to think about how lucky I am. *insert love* <3

Let me tell you a little bit about this guy, so you'll be just as in love with him as I am. (ok, maybe not)
We first became "friends" when he was still dating someone else but about two months after they broke up for good. Ironically, I was the first person he called. (Maybe this should've been a sign??)
 He's always been a very big people person, and can honestly be best friends with a tree stump. I believe that's why I never read his signals because he's kind of all over the place with everyone.

Anywho, I was a senior and he was a junior in high school. We were in the same friend circle and he ACTUALLY asked me to the homecoming dance through another friend, who told me while we were ALL at Sonic together. I think back on that and omgggg that was so lame! But, I said yes because I really just wanted to have fun at my last homecoming and not be worried about impressing anyone. We were just friends, ya know?

Little did I know...
that through this whole "going to the dance together" ordeal we would eventually become a couple. I remember the night that we all went to a friend's house to watch a scary movie (maybe The Eye?) It was awful but that was the first time I realized I liked him..and it was VERY obvious to all of our friends. He just made me so happy and it was the first time I wasn't in complete control of my feelings or how I was coming off to other people.

We started to date but it was completely pressure free. We were friends first which I think is our saving grace. We liked each other as people before we became a couple. We never officially said, "let's be boyfriend and girlfriend" but on September 27, 2008, something happened that for us marked the beginning of our relationship. :)

Rather than explain how perfect we are for each other and completely nauseate you, I thought I would share some pictures that kind of documents our anniversaries. Hope you enjoy! And I can't wait to celebrate my anniversary this weekend - and to tell you guys all about it!

This was our VERY first picture together! Don't laugh..it was spirit week at our high school and our group's Star Wars costumes have gone down in history.

This was our first anniversary together and I actually forced him to take this picture because it was part of his gift :)

Second anniversary! We went to Jekyll Island and had a perfect day together. I wish we could go to the beach again!
Well we haven't had our third anniversary picture yet because we don't live in the same town anymore :( But this was taken last weekend before a wedding. I'll make sure to post an update from this weekend ;)

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